Walnut & Steel Dining Table

Totnes, Devon, UK


Completed in 2016, this unique dining table followed on from the steel and walnut staircase project as a subsequent commission from the same client.

We were asked to design and make a dining table that could seat ten people comfortably and stand as a focal point within an open plan kitchen, living, dining space. 

Our design and make approach again combined steel, walnut and brass to continue a language established by WoCo elsewhere in the house. The table features an elegant steel base and a solid walnut top with chamfered edges and the all important brass pinstripe.

One unique feature of this table is that it actually tapers on one side – so it is wider at one end than the other. This follows the taper of the room, which is in turn informed by the historic natural stone walls of the site. A rare example of site context informing the actual furniture makes good table talk.


Services - design, fabrication, installation