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Hianta Cassam Chenai

Interior designer


With a background in politics and music management & production, Hianta went back to studying in 2012 to complete her formal design training at London’s  KLC School of Design. She then went on to work for acclaimed design firm Spinocchia Freund, before creating her own practice and relocating to Totnes in 2015. Having collaborated with WoCo on her first few projects in Devon, she is now an integral part of the team.

WoCo's interior design services aim to create considered interiors, striking the balance between comfort, aesthetics and functionality, whilst making sure the end result is a true reflection of our clients' personalities. Hianta's versatile sense of aesthetics, drawing inspiration from both the client’s tastes and the bones of the buildings, is always underpinned by an emphasis on great spatial planning, beautiful materials, characterful pieces and exacting craftsmanship. Lighting, colours, textures and finishes are layered to emphasise the beauty of the architecture and provide subtle depth to each scheme.

See more of Hianta’s work on her website: hccinteriors.com